Guide to Writing Your personal and Family history (Kindle/Kindle App on iPad)

Guide to Writing Your personal and Family history (Kindle/Kindle App on iPad)

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Conduct oral interviews to uncover important clues and forge relationships that will dramatically speed research. Learn the easy to follow steps in writing, researching, and publishing your personal and family history. Over 1,000 questions across 95 topics organized so you can easily begin a conversation and explore a topic.

Section 1: Interviewing, Writing, and Publishing
Chapter 1: Defining the Oral Interview
Chapter 2: Write and Publish Your Story

Section 2: Questions for a Lifetime (1,000+ questions)
Chapter 3: Story Themes and Ideas for Writing Your History
Chapter 4: 150 Questions to Ask Family Members about their Lives
Chapter 5: Education Questions
Chapter 6: Entertainment and Culture Questions
Chapter 7: Family Other Questions
Chapter 8: Family Relationships Questions
Chapter 9: Family Traditions Questions
Chapter 10: Friendship Questions
Chapter 11: Historical Events Questions
Chapter 12: Legal Matters
Chapter 13: Marriage Questions
Chapter 14: Moving Questions
Chapter 15: Occupation Questions
Chapter 16: Personal Finances Questions
Chapter 17: Personal Characteristics Questions
Chapter 18: Raising A Family Questions
Chapter 19: War Questions

Format: Kindle/Kindle App on iPad
Pages: 294 pp.
Published: 2016